We innovate your business with

blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology makes possible to speed up, secure and increase efficiency in processes in a wide range of industries. With the implementation of blockchain technology, the company can gain a very important competitive advantage.


We analyze precisely your requirements and company process to provide the best option for your service.


We set up a team especially for your requirements and demands to bring up the best option for your company or individual.

Development and deployment

As soon as we approve with you the proposed solution, we will cover the complete organization of the project.

We are an independent IT analytic team which analyze and describe blockchain space in general.

We have read dozens of white papers of the most interesting cryptographic technologies and projects. We transcribe our acquired knowledge into a readily understandable form on our Crypviz.io analytical site. Crypviz.io is where the user can find the simply described blockchain technologies that are very difficult to understand in many ways.

Our goal is to accelerate the overall adoption of blockchain technologies that will fundamentally affect the overall business environment as we know it today. We want to be a bridge between the digital and physical world with a real interest in using technology approaches, find and develop the appropriate technological solution for the intended ideas.

We run an analytical website crypviz.io

Development of blockchain technologies

Crypviz.io is an analytical portal that attempts to describe cryptographed technologies in general in a simple way.

Because we’ve always met with people not knowing where to get quality information, we’ve decided to create a site where everyone can find simple, easy-to-understand information about cryptocurrencies and its technologies.

Cryptocurrencies analysis is very difficult, as all information is drawn from technical white papers, Reddit communities, and Github, which are the only independent sources of information directly from developers.

We publish unique articles for well known Czech websites

Team Members

We watch the news in developers world on daily basis to know about fresh news, new technologies, and progress in the protocol layer

Petr Sanetrník

Crypviz Co-founder

Pavel Přecechtěl

Crypviz Co-founder

Martin Nasswettr

Crypviz Co-founder

Jakub Nasswettr

Law specialist

We are connected to the main blockchain developers communities. For you project, we can build a complete experienced team that cover all development.

For business reasons, we do not publish developer names.

It is our responsibility

to work on

mass adoption of blockchain technology.

We are Crypviz, the technology company which provides the best solutions for your business. We are proud of delivering blockchain technology to individuals, companies, and cities.

How we can help you
Using blockchain technology in your business | Reducing costs, increasing efficiency and transparency through blockchain technology | Process automation | Cryptographic and blockchain education | Financial operations through cryptocurrencies

Crypviz Solutions
  • We choose the right blockchain technology for your business
  • Focus on cost reduction and increasing efficiency
  • Consulting and complete cover of development and deployment
Crypviz Smarlaw
  • Using smart contracts in laws
  • Creating blockchain smart contracts
  • Cooperation with lawyers and universities
  • Automatization of administration processes
Crypviz Education
  • Professional lectures about cryptocurrencies
  • Different kind of lectures for companies and individuals
  • Focus on finance, real estate and technologies

Are you ready to implement blockchain technology?

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Petr Sanetrník

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